What does " call balls and strikes " mean ? I saw this expression in Bloomberg Businessweek Emotion: tongue tiedtill, the book does an admirable jobcalling balls and strikes on the execs’ revisionist version of Facebook’s past and present.

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Calling balls and strikes is about making judgments - e.g. this is good, this is bad. The author of the book did a good job of this.

Penny LamWhat does " call balls and strikes " mean ?

Note that we don't put a space before a question mark in English.

It's from the sport of baseball. The plate umpire judges the accuracy of each pitch the pitcher throws and the catcher catches by declaring it a "strike", meaning that it is within an imaginary rectangle over home plate, or a "ball", meaning that it is not within it. This writer has compared the book's judgment about the accuracy of the execs' version to an umpire's judgment of pitches. The execs are correct (strike) ot incorrect (ball) about Facebook. This "call balls and strikes" is not a common expression.

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