What does "technicolor victim" mean?

"I feel it coming on

My thoughts become the shake in my hands

everything's fast and slow

Chaos is all I know

I'm afraid if I let it in I'll shut down

Cause I've put in the work to make sure it don't come out

Always fighting

All these voices in my head

I need you to numb me, bad

Even when you don't understand

I'll be fine with that

Rushing through my system I'm a technicolor victim just

Numb me, bad"


The words to pop songs very often are not standard English. Also, they are at least nominally poetical, which means that they do not have to make sense in any ordinary way. This "artist" is famous for his mental illness, which is what this "song" seems to be about. My intepretation of "technicolor victim" is that "technicolor" was the first thing that popped into his head that fits the rhythm, and "victim" just happens to rhyme with "system", sort of. But I take a jaundiced view of commercial pop.