Loftus Road ***
Shepherd's Bush
London W12 4EN

I've got an address of a friend of mine. My problem is that it's handwritten and as I've never posted any letter to England before I find it difficult to decipher some parts of the address. Is 'W12 4EN' a post code? or is just 'W12' a post code and '4EN' something else? if so, then what does it mean? thanks!


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W12 4EN is the complete postal code. Leave one space between the 2 and the 4.
By the way, is it right to speak the number of the street; 898/8 by eight , nine ,eight over eight? And 999/9 nine, double nine over nine?Because for the beginning , it's very difficult for them to say eight hundred ninety eight over eight or nine hundred ninety nine over nine ?Thanks in advance.

Phuong Ninh
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898/8 is unfamiliar to me, but I presume that it would be read 'eight ninety-eight, flat (number) eight'.
Sorry, I make a mistake. Please , answer again, if you don't mind. What I mean is the number of the flat is 898/8.There are more than 449 houses and their attachements. In mycountry. the street was named with hero's name. Thanks in advance.

Phuong Ninh
OK. I would say 'flat eight ninety-eight slash eight'. There may be other ways to read it, however.
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Does "W" or "EN" stand for a word or words?
The "W" stands for "West". Inner London is split into post code zones: W=west, N=north, NW=northwest etc.. plus WC for "West central" and EC for "East central". The EN is just a code for a further area subdivision created by the post office and dosen't actually represent any word.
You should put the house number before the road, Kejcam, e.g.

20 Finney Rd

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