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Review Your English Pronunciation

Please Write It Down?

If you could get it: [url="[link]"]Click here (24kb)[/url] Thank you.

IT Vocabulary?

Hi all, How do you pronounce the following term : "Unix AIX 5.3" Thx in advance Regards

The Rolling R?

I am just learning spanish and would like to know if there is a short word excercise( ex. if a woodchuck....) to help me when a double R is in a word? I just can't get my tongue...

Run + Ning Is Related To Pronunciation...

Hi ! I have no idea why some verbs are required to add one more "n" (running),"t"(sitting), "m"(swimming)....in ing form,and some verbs are not required of that. Is this related...


It is just a 46KB sound file. Please copy (NOT CLICK!) the link [link] to your browser and open it, then type out what it says for me. Thank you. (Please note: You may...

Improve My Speaking?

hi there i would like to improve my speaking, so could u plz give me some advices?! jazz

Please Teach Me A Quick Way To Pronounce...

Hi, I find it a bit tongue-twisted whenever I need to pronounce some words that end with 't' and then followed by 's', for example, scientists, artists, terrorists. Can someone...

Burned And Burnt?

Are those pronounced in the same way? With <t>?


Should we pronounce "21st Century" as "twenty first century"? I've heard some pronounced it like "twenty century". Is what they pronoounced okay?

Cac 40?

How should 'CAC 40' be pronounced?

Pronunciation (Doreen Leong)?

I would like your advise on the following :- 1) "Wrought" is not pronounced exactly like "rot", which has a shorter vowel. The vowel should sound much more like that in "bought...

About 'Ipod'?

Everybody knows that it has been the most popular mp3 player in the world. But i still don't know how read it correctly Is there anybody who can tell me the right pronounciation...


Hello, I would like to know which are the non- rhotic British dialects.Thank You


Please someone tell me how to pronounce plato correctly, i have been given so many different versions its crazy!!

A Pronounciation Question?

I have a question regarding the pronounciation of adding 's to the final -s sound. How do you say the words "Rose's" and "Iris's"? Thanks in advance!

Is It Possible ?

Hi There I am wondering it is possible to learn the language and become as the native speaker , So the native speaker think you are native ??

An 0800 Number?

How do you read '0800' in the above? (Is it oh-eight hundred?)

Listening Differences Between A.E. And...

I have a little difficulty when I hear films in American English, to tell the truth, sometimes I cannot make out some american actors/ actresses for example Humphrey Bogart and...

Transcription Of Name?

Hi everybody, Can you tell me if Cumhur is an English name and how it is pronounced? Thanks in advance.

What Is The Best Way To Learn An Accent...

Hi There .. How can i learn the american accent ? I have been downloaded a stuff called american accent training and I'll read it soon but if there are any advices .. I am ready...

My Problem Is In Listening?

Who can help me? My big problem is in the listening. How can I overcome?

Hello, All! I'm Wondering How?

Hello, all! I'm wondering how to pronounce "ASAP"... Can you help me? THanks!

What Is The Most Effective?

I want to watch english films for improving my language. Which variant of watching is best? 1. English voice and english subtitles 2. English voice and russian subtitles (I...

I Want To Improve?

i want to improve my fluency in english ....please help me

Pronunciation Of Homer?

Hello, please tell me how to correctly pronounce name of Homer (poet, author of Iliad and Odyssesy)? It it "houmr" - as in The Simpsons?
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