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Review Your English Pronunciation

Learn To Pronounce?

Does anyone can tell me some websites that provide record sound files to learn to pronounce? Thanks a lot!

Ado ..

Some doubts in these seven expressions of the student's book. Could you help again, please? Without further ado / bluer / schemata / Papua New Guinea / shrillness / underrated...

Thawed And More?

I'm not sure about the pronuntation of theses words thawed, machinations, divisive, womb, lamentable, consortium, quieten, revolutionize, unparalleled some doubts with the...

English Phonetics?

Hi there! I'm writing from Portugal, this is my first post. At the university, I'm starting with the study of english phonetics. My point is, is there some kind of advise...

The Word The?

When is the word 'the' pronounced thee?
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