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Good day everyone. Our family have recently moved to the USA. I have a 9 year old kid and I'm looking for a good English language school for him. He knows the basics but this obviously isn't enough. So far I've not had time to search well but this is on my first things to do list. Meanwhile I wanted to know what other people might recommend. Many thanks in advance.
P.S. We are currently in Ohio but moving is OK as long as it's going to be worth it.
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I am of the opinion that a nine-year-old will do just fine in a regular school (public or private) with other kids his own age. If your district has an ESL program within the curriculum, you could make use of that. I wasn't really very pleased with the ESL program in my district, as it was largely a class where students got their homework done by well-intentioned teachers rather than getting good, solid instruction in English.
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Thank you! I am just really not sure if he'll be OK in a regular school but I should probably look into it as well. As an option.