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Jojojump Thinking about why we learn English?

I have been studying it since my first year in the middle school, and think what I have got? Still get stuck now, poor performance in my oral and written English, how frustrated, so bad!!!

It is not easy, in fact, a paintaking work!!! I have to say my English study went to the wrong place at the first time.

Old-fashioned teaching system, only emphasizing on Grammer Study and Vocabulary memory, and coping with endless quizs and exams.The purpose was to pass exams and get high scores. In other word, I'm complete victim of examination-oriented education.So was my English Study.

After my graduaction from College, I've found that I was confronted with a more chanllaging world, then, how important and critical your sophisticated language skill could be in practice.

So I decide to get rid of all trash I have got during my 10 years Study in learning English, three year in the middle school, three years in the high school and another four years in College. Now I am a new English learner, more enthusiastic and more diligent, I learn it not only because I need to be acquaintance with it but also l love to learn it.

So jojo, come on, there will be a dear!!Emotion: big smile

jojo, you hit the nail on the head, i completely agree with you. Things go so in Turkey , as well.

With an exam and grammar oriented education , i have learnt nothing for my English in my primary school and high school years.Although , i have been taking English lessons for several years, I merely say I am a new learner of English because I have had a opportunity to improve it only for monts since I got in a university.However,in my sight English is the most boring study I have to do.I really do hate it because of the frivolous education system that I have already mentioned before.
I often hear those kinds of criticism on cram education. I also was educated in a rather old style teaching system and it was far from the best. I still cannot speak or write English fluently. But I don't think I was a victim of something.

Grammar and vocabulary are essential to language study, they are inevitable for non native speakers. I even think that it is good to concentrate on them at school. On top of that, mass education has its limitation as there are all sorts of students. (not to back up teachers) To provide topnotch education for everybody would cost a billion.

If you are not satisfied with school class, you can do on your own. Nowadays we have a weapon called 'the internet'.

Having said that, acquiring English seems to turn out to be my life long process...
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Jhumjhum, that's it. 'Dollar speaks everywhere' is the very reason we are struggling (and at the same time enjoying). This is the consequence of the world leadership competition.

I would appreciate it because we have a common language and places like this forum where we can chat in a grass-roots exchange. I've made my dream reality in this sense.
Thank you for the implication. I stop crying. Emotion: big smile