Hi everybody,
as there are a few people here whose native language is not English, I thought this book might help you: English for Doctors by Maria Györffy. A friend of mine said it helped him a lot to get his studies done in the USA. The book helps you develop language skills concerning history-taking, examination etc and covers all major medical specialties. There's also accompanying recorded material to learn pronounciation etc. The exercises are quite good and in step with actual practice.
To get an overview, look at:

http://medicalenglish.coursekey.com /

Hope I could help
An excellent book/material.- published in Hungary. We/I have used it here in Romania for the last 6-7 years ( I am a doctor and a teacher). It helps especially with the "real"language. The problem is, as far as I know, that it is quite difficult to purchase.
Hi linguaprof,

I've been trying to purchase this book online by downloading but have had no luck. It's too expensive to ship it all the way to BKK in paperback form. Do you know a site where it can be purchased as a download? Thanks for your help.
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Hi Linguaprof,
AnonymousDo you know a site where it can be purchased as a download?
You can download from here;

Hi everyone! Please anyone help me to find this boook with audio ^English for Doctors by Maria Györffy/ Please

Hi! Is there a possibility to by just CD from this book and download it online?

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