English eBooks download PDF for free, found from wikipedia.

I like it. and you?
http://EnglishForward.tradepub.com /
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Thanks for the link!

It's nice, but it doesn't have a big variety of literature, though.

I like the novel ' If only it were true' by Marc Levy very much. But I just read it in my native language. Could you give me a link where I can download it in English? Or could anyone sell this book in English to me? It would be wonderful if you live in South East Asia since the postal cost would be cheaper. Thank you
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Wow....this is great. Thanks, Anon! Emotion: wink
It seams to be very interesting. Thank you!
Free Reader's digest magazine.

I got it. wonderful.
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thank you for your recommend,it's a good place for reading.
thanks a lot Emotion: wink
there are not all the latest books (which i would naturally rather buy than read on the computer) but some real classics i never tried out. so i`ll start my first sherlock holmes book soon and of course shakespear (i hope no one is judging me that i waited so long ^^)

so, the same laud from me: thanks
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