With the introduction of many high-tech devices, many crimes appear and have a bad influence on society.Consequently,I partly believe that putting these culprits in a jail is the best choices.

Firstly,Imprisonment can make offenders to improve their deed and their mind.By thinking back what they have done in the past and see the punishment they are suffering from,perhaps,most prisoners will want to change their future and start to be a good person.

Secondly, captivity can prevent wrongdoings. There are many criminals who know to repent and also who don’t.Infraction happens once can happen twice.If there are no prison,crime will happen frequently without being inhibited and people’s lives will turn to a mess.Therefore imprisonment is totally necessary in today life.

On the other hand, wrongdoers are not always bad.They sometimes might be under somebody’s thumb or are forced severely to do sth illegally without being able to resist.Imprisonment can be unfair to those people in some cases.The innocent,from time to time can be deceived or threatened to take the blame for the perpetrator(thu pham).There are so many cases like that had happened before.For instance, Geogre Stinney,a small 14 innocent boy, had to suffer from a death penalty on account of an baseless calumny.People at that time were under the impression that he kill the 2 girls.He had to withstand all these things and his innocence was only gave back after 70 years by a lawyer.

In conclusion, incarceration brings about many benefits for our society however the jury should take the evidence into account more clearly to avoid mistaking perpetrator for innocent.

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