Dear Alex,
Many thanks for your message. It was great to hear from you.
The first thing I want to say is that your idea about friends is right. Friends play an important role in my life and they give a mental support. I can’t imagine how can we live without friendship
My closest friend is Mary, we are classmates so we meet each other almost every day. However, we are on social distancing because of covid 19, it’s pretty hard to meet each other. There is a fun fact that at the first time we met each other, we didn’t get on with each other, but now we tell each other almost everything in our life
Although we have just met each other for 1 year, we quickly get along with each other. I can feel that she is the person who can understand my emotion and cheer me up with her sense of humor whenever I feel down. For instance, I can be indecisive at the time, she always gives me some useful advice to inspire me.
I hope that one day you can get to know her and that I have the chance to meet your best friend too. Please tell me more about ours in the next letter. I look forward to seeing your reply
Best wishes

please give me some comment about this email

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