Being deeply involved in sounds of English lanaguge & its phonetics, I wonder if people around could enlighten me bit further by answering the following questions ???

Firstly, I wish to know as EXACTLY, how many sounds are there in English ??? Do we count "diphthongs" as individual sounds OR not since it's merely a mixture of "short" & "long" vowels ???

If not counting "Diphthongs" as individual sounds then English would have around 24 consonant sounds & 7 (short vowel) + 5 (long vowel) = 12 vowel sounds, bringing the total to around 24 + 11 = 35 sounds.

(Have a look here: )

Secondly, any idea about the sounds within American English, IF there's more/less sounds in there ???

Any idea, as how many sounds are there in other languages, as few widely spoken languages by millions around the world such as French, German, Spanish, Portutues, Italian, Hindi, Gujarati, etc. ???

Lastly, which language has the MOST sounds within it (such as British English has around 47 different sounds) & which language has the LEAST sounds within it ???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ubykh has (well, had) the most phonemes, at 80 or so, and Rotokas has the least, at precisely 11.


The article linked actually says the Khosian language Taa has the most.