Hi does anybody know a chat room on yahoo or anyplace else where people discuss style and grammar.
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Have you tried EnglishForward' chatty sister? TheChatPage

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But thechatpage is not for discussing style and grammar. In theory, it's just for practicing English and make friends.
I suspect that discussions on grammar are usually found on forums. In fact, if you ask about grammar on TCP, they'll probably send you here.
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KooyeenIn fact, if you ask about grammar on TCP, they'll probably send you here.
Really? Emotion: surprise
Thank you! I thought people over there were asking about grammar and discussing linguistics, semantic precision and subtleties of the English language! Emotion: smile
(Which gives away the fact that I never chatted there, haha)
I need help with punctuation in a sentence.

It is an ideal accompaniment to seafood, in general, and shellfish, in particular.

Are those commas correct around "in general" and before "in particular"?

They are not wrong, but I wouldn't use them. I wouldn't naturally pause there.
With a longer sentence I'd consider pausing.

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My son at the time of his birth, he was 1.8kg
I need someone to check this sentence for me and see if it makes sense.
"It's hard to move on. But, it must happen just as the seasons do."
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