The topic is already my question. Do you think that english is an overrated issue?
Maybe this is an odd question. But when I think about German, there are often incidences where others talk to each other, use wrong tenses and no one even notices it. There is some kind of understanding within language that enables us to understand the meaning even when there is wrong usage of tenses. Not in every case, but often. I can only talk for German, but when someone talks to me and suddenly uses the Past Perfect instead the Present Perfect, or vice versa, I will still understand him perfectly. Maybe I am wrong. What do you think about it?

I just ask because I have the impression that we sometimes are afraid of talking to native speakers because we seem to believe that every native English speaker immediately discovers all the grammar mistakes that we have produced while talking English.

There may be grammar mistakes in this text as well....... If that´s the case, I will never ever post something in here again Emotion: wink
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idiomaticness is more important than grammar sometimes
So true, but such a hard lesson to learn for so many. Learners are often more interested in finding twenty ways to say something correctly than one way to say it idiomatically! But I suppose it can't be helped. That's just the way our brains work with language once the language-learning window closes at age 10 or so.

There are times when intuition comes to the aid but there are equally times when accuracy of grammar is essential - when making an agreement, for example - and it is therefore safer to fall into the habit of speasking correctly than otherwise. If you said to a policeman 'I don't know nothing', what is he supposed to make of it?
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