In the future, the main reason for going to the shopping mall will be for entertainment, not to shop. Do you agree or disagree?

It is often argued that everyone's purpose when coming to different shopping centers is just for entertainment rather than buying other items in the future.Personally, I partly agree with this opinion as I believe that shopping will never be replaced by any form of entertainment.

On the one hand, it is true that people go to the shopping mall just for entertainment. Some malls now have cinemas, and are beginning to offer better restaurants and places to eat. In addition,shopping centers also offer more facilities like a gym, a children's play area, spa,... and there will be even more entertainment facilities. I think this trend will continue in the future. Because it helps the shopping center's revenue increase. For instance, the shopping center "Lotte" in Vung Tau, it's like a perfect place to hang out and be seen by a variety of entertainment options.

On the other hand, I still believe that shopping will never be replaced by any form of entertainment. Firstly, the world is increasingly modern so there are thousands of entertainment parks that operate . For example, a park can provide various entertainment options such as roller coasters,ferris wheel, pirate ship,... can never be found at a shopping center. Second, I can't imagine a shopping center without any stores. Although many customers go shopping still into entertainment areas, the percentage of buyers is still high in millions of shopping centers. For these people, coffee shops, spas and other interesting places are just additional factors to make the shopping experience more attractive and interesting.

In conclusion,it seems to me that no matter how entertaining future malls will be, shopping will always be the most important factor in the mall.

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