Having read many things on this forums, I've come to realize one thing (after all this time): English is a crazy language!!!
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...punctuations, figures of speech, parts of speech, especially with the gazillion words. Grr... I can't even read properly!
There seems to be few rules set in stone, and even those are often broken! That's what makes English so fun to teach and so difficult to learn.
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That's also what makes English so much a pain in my ***, but I like challenges, so it's cool.
I like English's quirkiness. It's a language with character, and I am fond of it, even if it sometimes drives me mad.
I wouldn't want to have to learn it as a second language, though.
About English as a second language, I am in a dilemma: Am I learning English as a second language? Let's not get technical, but here's the case:

English was not the lingua franca of Philippines. A newly passed legislation made English as the primary learning language in the Philippines. Prior to this, however, I've been learning English--the grammar, rules, and stuff. I never paid much attention to it during those times. It was only when I came to the US (about 3 to 4 years ago) that I saw how bad I was in writing and communicating that I decided to focus on learning it. Should I consider English as my second language or not? People ask me all the time and I answer them with what I know, but I don't wanna answer them with unrealized lies, that is, if what I know are lies.
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And did you realise how many English words come from Latin? That is so good for us, Spaniards, our words come mostly from Greek-Latin, so, easy to learn English words coming from Latin, they are almost exactly the same.
The Maj's word metaphor.....from Latin 'metaphora' and this from Greek 'meta-pherein' and in Spanish.... 'metáfora' Emotion: stick out tongue
I won't ever again talk about grammat at 3 o'clock in the morning. lots of other interesting things to do, like listening to the silence of the night.
Jacko: If English is not your native language, then yes, you are learning it as a second language.
Elena: Yes, I love that! Words derived from Greek or Latin are AWESOME!
Do you know Greek or Latin, then?
Maj: What's wrong with grammar in the wee hours?
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
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