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Hi. I Like Very Much

hi. i like very much in english.i think i have enough grammer skills ...but i didn't speak english fluently...bcz i have no communication for english.what i will do?but one thing...

What's The Meaning Of "To"?

Hello,there! What't the meaning of "to"(in bold,italics, and underlined) as in "If you allow either party to an argument the freedom to decide on all her own definitions, that...

I Need Help To Be


Wedding Card Related

How can I say in a wedding card that your coming is important, not any gift.



Hi.. I'm New.. Just Started

hi.. I'm new.. Just started to learn English.. Can anyone explains, on how to use wasn't or didn't? Did this sentence correct? 1. She slept well last night, wasn't she?. or...

English Speaking Practice

hello friends,I want to improve my spoken English.can any one help me?

Question Mark Or Period?

Should I use a question mark in the following sentence; "Could you open the door, please"

To Skype With Native English Speakers

hi im 17 and i want to improve my english speaking via skype can anybody help ?

Please Correct This

According to the Instructions of the NLE machine sending Karachi Office. I have the following problems. 1- Have Repeatedly Restarting. 2- No Just Run on Generator and UPS 3- The...

English Help

Hello, I'm 17 and I want to improve my English via Skype for Ielts can you halp me? My skype [Deleted. Give contact information on your profile page.] thanks

Check My Essay, Please

The diagram illustrate a possible future means of home energy production. The main idea of this production is “Don’t buy electricity-make it yourself”. Production consist of...

Speaking Correctly

how i could speak in English fast and correctly and how i can gain a lot of vocabulary in a short time?

Motivation Letter Internship

Hello everyone, Can someone help me to check my motivation letter on grammar and sentences. My writing skills is not so good. It is a motivation letter for an internship in the...

A Type Of Blocks?

I have toy blocks that are different from Lego blocks. Can I use the following sentence to discribe the idea above: "They are a different type of blocks." Thank you

Motivational Letter

hello! I'venever written a motivational letter and mu cousin who's trying to apply for Master needs a motivational letter, the Master is about language and culture so please do...

Anyone Taking OET Soon?

Anyone taking OET soon?

Is This Sentence Right ?

Is this sentence right ? provided that content is created

Rate My Essay 1/10

How do the two girls know each other? Were are they? What happened? Why is one of the girls so angry? Why does the other one smile? What will happen? How do the other girls know...

Check My Essay

How do the two girls know each other? Were are they? What happened? Why is one of the girls so angry? Why does the other one smile? What will happen? ...

Hi Everyone! I Want To

hi everyone! I want to improver my English skil and make frends.Can you help me?


Doubt! Is it possible to say : "she was having dinner with her husband"?


hi everyone , how to improve my listening ? , how to be acive while listening , how to use movies to learn english , what to do while listening

How To Write An Article

how to make the beginning more attractive?? the teacher made me write an article, the topic is "A little effort can make big difference" I just can't come up with a good beginning...

Can Someone Tell Me Which?

Can someone tell me which sentence is correct: How likely it is that you could see yourself..... or How likely is it that you could see.... Thank you very much
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