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Check My Essay

How do the two girls know each other? Were are they? What happened? Why is one of the girls so angry? Why does the other one smile? What will happen? ...

Hi Everyone! I Want To

hi everyone! I want to improver my English skil and make frends.Can you help me?


Doubt! Is it possible to say : "she was having dinner with her husband"?


hi everyone , how to improve my listening ? , how to be acive while listening , how to use movies to learn english , what to do while listening

How To Write An Article

how to make the beginning more attractive?? the teacher made me write an article, the topic is "A little effort can make big difference" I just can't come up with a good beginning...

Can Someone Tell Me Which?

Can someone tell me which sentence is correct: How likely it is that you could see yourself..... or How likely is it that you could see.... Thank you very much

Hi... Chit Chat Is One

Hi... chit chat is one of the best english practise ....chit chat interms of chatting

Improving Language

Hi, My name is Berkan, im 23, im trying to improve my language on skype or on any different platform, if there is anyone has same idea with me, he/she can text me or add me on...



Write A Dialogue Involving An Argument...

Write a dialogue involving an argument. Use exclamation marks when necessary. Your story could begin with the words: ‘You knew I wanted that!’ Tom cried, rising from the chair...

Practicing English Speak

Hi guy, i'm Vietnamese girl. My eng very bad so i want to improve it. I hope i and you will make friends, can talk with together confortably. Nice to meet you.^^

Hi Everybody, I Am Giao,I

hi everybody, I am Giao,I really want to improve my English speaking skill and make a lot of international friends. thanks

What Part Of The English Language Do You...

What part of the English language do you find to be the most difficult? Tenses, prepositions, idioms, articles...?

Should Past Tense Still Confusing

Hello all, I am still confused on should past tense. Here is the meaning.. If your doctor told you not to drink, you shouldn't drink. (if past tense, present tense ) If I'd...

Please Can Anyone Explains To

Please can anyone explains to me...what is the difference between "she in the locker room"n "she was in the locker room" Isn't it the second ones in the past tense & the first...

What Is The Difference Between

what is the difference between It is hard to spend time in winter / It is hard to spend time during winter

Practising English

Hi everybody, 1. Could someone help me practise English? It would be really necessary for 1 week. I think that the basics of English are in (my) mind but I don't often talk. Next...


what is the meaning of rolling stone in informal language? can anybody help me......?


Please tell me which of the following instructions are correct or better for the following six questions ? A. Write the following words in Persian. B. Write the following phrases...

Unsure About The Grammar

Can anyone help me with this sentence? " I am proud of the service I provide to customers and happy to see that the other customer service agents think of me as someone who excels...

Who Are Online With Skype

who are online with skype in night from 9h-11h can be connect to me to chat voice. We can disccuss and improve speak english. welcom. my skype is: thaonguyen265


Anyone wanting to learn English I'm here to help.


Would be the sentences right? in grammar if i say: I can see the most beauty ever or I can see the beauty most ever. Which one is right? Or maybe both variants?

Motivation Letter

Hallo, I am about to writhe my motivation letter for an PhD position in university. Could somebody please give me some feedback on that ? I am not an English native speaker :-...

How Often Do You Speak English?

How often do you speak english? Daily conversation? Very frequently? Hardly ever but you don't have problems speaking in English? I mean, not chatting. If you used to do it almost...
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