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Could You Please Write An

could you please write an essay for me of about 300 words about (how you envision playing a leadership role at the university and after graduate) I am a student at secondary school...

Clauses Of Purpose

Hi I am new here. I desperately need some help connected with clauses of purpose. Is there anyone willing to help. I would like to ask if the following sentences are correct. 1...

Hi, Anyone Interested To Have

Hi, anyone interested to have an OET online teaching? Do you want to achieve a A or B grade in your OET exam? Send me a private message if interested. Thank you.

English In Australia

Hi guys, In this post I want talk about the English In Australia. I am in Australia from 2 month, I came here to have an experience of life and learn English. Now I working in...

Learning English Through Social Networks

Hi every body! I want to know about your pont of view about this topic. Do you think that Social Network as Facebook and Skype can be useful in learning Englih Language? ...

Question About The Grammar Of A Sentence

Dear english forum members I want to make the following question In the sentence The architect chose picks on purpose a sheet at the middle of her red folder, making sure than...


If you are looking for an ONLINE ENGLISH TEACHER, you can send me a private message. I can teach all levels and I teach via SKYPE.

Thank You Email

i need someone who can correct if this letter is okay or not

Enlish Learning

how can we learn english effectively.

English Online Teachers

Hello! If you need private english online teachers, you may add me in skype {removed - put contact details in your profile} and we can give you the best teacher for you at the...

Hi Ya'll So I'm Writing

Hi ya'll So I'm writing a pro republican article for school. I want to put a quote in from me. I'm trying to say that being on the right side (Right wing) is the right side...

Real Conditional

I was being observed in my class by my boss (I hate it) teaching Real Conditionals. I wrote the sentence "If it is raining, I will bring my umbrella." The boss said this is...

Can I Say ? I Always Did Something.

Can i say ? I always did something. or it is strange to use always with past. and is there any other way to say ( i did smthing continuously in the past) ?

"In Grammar" And "At Grammar"?

Hello English users, Here is a hypothetically preposition-related question: Is there any difference between "in grammar" and "at grammar"?

I Am Here And Need

I am here and need help

Present Tense Of "Will Always"

what is present tense of "will always"


Anybody has idea to pass TOEF easily?


help pls


Can anyone help me,when to use sadi and told in reported speech?

Hey Everyboy, I`M A 30

Hey everyboy, I`m a 30 years old general practitioner. I`m going to US to continue my education in few months.I`ve been trying to improve my english skill during these months...

Business English

Hi, Can anyone tell me what a "pipeline meeting" means? Regards,

Motivation Letter

Hello everyone, I would be very glad if you help me with some issues regarding my motivation letter. I want to ask some questions about what is the difference of an effective...


Ask questions about any module of IELTS? You are welcome.

Can Someone Check This Please (Verbs Structure...

For each of the following five sentences: (i) Identify the verb phrase. (ii) Name the structure. (iii) Label the parts of the structure. (iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed...

Grammar Awareness Help!

For each of the following five sentences: (i) Identify the verb phrase. (ii) Name the structure. (iii) Label the parts of the structure. (iv) Describe the functional meaning conveyed...
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