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How You Learn English?

I am going to start a thread regarding various experiences of English learners. All learners can share their knowledge of English which is gained by books, teachers, discussions...

Want To Learn English

anyone is there to help me..??

It Seems That All Person

It seems that all person here wants to improve there English and there is not any body to help!!

What Do You Mainly Use English For?

Do you use English mainly for work, studies, or just for fun?

When Did You Start Learning English?

As the title says, when did you start learning English seriously? Did your interest spark in school or did you realize later that you needed to learn it more?

English Education

Hello, it's my first time to join this forum. Nice to chat you all. I from Indonesia. Let's talk about English. I wanna know English education in your country. may i?

Importance Of English

why english important to you and community in your country ?


What is correlation between translating native language into English and English speaking ability?

International Book Week

Today is an international book week. Take any book and open 52nd page and write down 5th sentence. Mine is that "He make all decisions only in the darkness of night when lefts...

Your Favorite English Word

What's your favorite word in the English language and why?

Last Idiom You Learnt

What was the last idiom you learnt, guys? Mine was, to sail close to the wind. It means to do something that is dangerous or only just legal or acceptable.

Your Favourite English Saying Or Quote

Please share your favourite English sayings or quotes. I'll start: To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion;...
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