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What Are Some Grammar Rules That Even...

Can you list them here so I can use it as a reference later on?

Books For Mastering Verb Tenses

What are some good books for mastering verb tenses?

What Are The Top 10 Most Difficult To...

Is there a way to rank them objectively?

Please Help

This house is too small to live. The subject in above mentioned sentence is "house" and the verb is "is " Am I correct ? What is the object in the sentence ? ...

Please Check The Sentence Is Correct Or...

I wrote a sentence a few days ago, but I don't know this is correct or not. Basically, I cannot find the relevant grammar, Thanks in advance. "What needs to be aware by companies...

What Is Correct?

I'm sitting on desk or in desk. What is correct? ...

English Reading And Writing

Hello everyone I am Jane I like to go shopping and watching movies , When I feel sad or angry I will listen music to tackle because it can made me relax

Penthouse Brows

What does "penthouse brows" mean? Context from H. G. Wells' short story "The Cone": "They saw the face dimly in the half−light, with unexpressive dark patches under the penthouse...

Don't Have To In Context

Hi, everybody! Could you check, please, whether i've found the right context for the sentence below: You don't have to stand here . -> context: the speaker is a boss, and the...

If I Had Known How Beautiful Germany Is...

Hello. I am wondering about this country: If I had known how beautiful germany is/was. I would have told you that i liked it.

Repeated Words Or Phrases

Is there any word or sentence or phrase that you habitually use? My most used word at the moment is "well" I think. I seem to start off every sentence with it!

Correct Sentence

There have / has been diplomats coming from different countries, which one is correct?

Is This A Right Sentence?

"The health minister was eased out of her job after being accused of selling out-of-date vaccine, therefore 3 children died after being vaccinated." Would you say that sentence...

Which Of These Sentences Is Correct?

"What time does this museum close?" or "What time this museum closes?"


hi, I have problems to use ((be)). is there anybody help me about it?

Functional Grammar

I wish to get some examples of functional grammar in our daily lives. Somehow I still can't get the lecture properly.

Improve Your English By Making Friends

Hello from Czech Republic! Me and my English teacher agreed to make a little project where we'll try to gather elementary school students from all around the world and get them...

I Want To Learn English

I want to learn english here

He BE Your Friend

Who can explain me the following thing on grammar?

Plz Check If Any Mistake... Thanx.

Hi sir, I hope you are fine. Sir i want to discuss some matter which are as fallow. 1 According to my agreement after completion of my probotion period my salary wil increase...

A Talk Partner(English) Is Searched

I'm looking for a talk partner. If you would like to do please add me on Skype.

ESSAY About Immigration In The USA - HELP

Hi everyone, I'm Belgian and I study English at university, and I have an essay about immigration in the USA to write. This has to be a one-paragraph essay to explain why immigration...


Hello everyone? What do you think about English? is it important to learn English?

Verb Agreement In A Specific Sentence

Is the subject singular or plural? Is this sentence correct? My training in J and K, combined with my expertise working with XYZ, has prepared me for a career with company ABC...

Essay Writing

If anyone know about comparison-contras essay please replay. I still don't get what comparison-contras essay is.
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