Hi fellows,

I'm trying to not just translate but adopt Russian-language contract and make it clear for my English-speaking partners.
Could you please recommend me any online special purpose resources where I can check usability of this or that word, the correct forms of legal terms or clearify any provision of (US maybe) contractual law?

I don't want to ask million questions here that could be of no interest for everyone and spam this thread.
Yes, google is the solution but there are too many websites I can not trust

Thanks for your help!
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Lawyee1. I use carry out the works, performing refers to duties or obligations
2. I would say "performance of the works" but of your alternatives "works performance" sounds better
What do you think, Feebs (my cleverer and more experienced colleagueEmotion: smile)
#1 I agree that "carry out" is better in this context..

As to #2, I would prefer to have the full sentence in which the phrase is used to see what is intended.
ok, for example: The Customer shall assume control over performance of Works.
The Customer shall have control over the performance of the Works.
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