Anybody know the name of the english-language magazine in Lyon, France. It's something like 'lyon-anglophone'. Many thanks, Julian
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Hi Julian, my university colleagues in Lyon have not heard of such a mag.

Michael sent me this:

The New Anglophones, the internet link is below:

Je viens de tomber sur une copie de la publication anglophone à Lyon, qui s'appelle "The New Anglophones".

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Speaking of which...

I am looking for English native speakers wanting to work for a week in April in Gresse en Vercors (near Grenoble) with French kids to teach them English in a fun way. The job is quite well paid and interesting...
Is there a way to find a list of English speakers looking for jobs in the Grenoble or Lyon area? Are there specific anglo-associations there?
It is hard for me to find out those things since I am in Paris...

Thanks for your help and enjoy your day!
hey there,

i know it's too late now but if you do need any more English native speakers in future who live in Grenoble, i'm available. Please contact me via email (Email removed, please register and add it to your profile) Thanks!


i'm also an english native speaker, with tefl qualifications, keen to do some teaching if any comes up around grenoble. If you check this Jackie did you find anything? email (Email removed, please register and add it to your profile), thankyou

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Hello my name is Christine Leon. I am an Australian/Canadian student who has lived most of my life in the United States. I just finished a degree in microbiology and am now living in Grenoble (my boyfriend of two years is French). I will be living here until July and am available to work in April 2005. I realize this posting was made for last year but if there is any need for someone this year, feel free to contact me. My spoken french is very good as well as my comprehension. Please contact me if you are still searching for someone to work. I can answer any of your questions. My email address is (Email removed, please add it to your profile). Bonjournee!

Christine Leon
I know I am probably far too late but I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is for an English speaking person (who speaks basic French) to get a job in Grenoble. I am going to live in France next year to work and am finding it difficult to find a job. I anyone has any information about jobs for English speaking people could they please let me know??

Thank you


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I am an Australian citizen residing in Lyon who has successfully worked a variety of roles in France and around the world.
I am qualified to teach TEFL and have a Bachelor of Business Degree. My French is basis conversational, with it improving every day;
I am extremely motivated to start any work.
Any advice, job offers or information of any kind would be very helpful.

Thank you,
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