I am hoping to improve my English in an English speaking country. My writing and reading are fine enough but I have BIG problems with speaking so I'm sure I need to be surrounded with the language 24/7 to get rid of this problem. But there's something else I've been thinking about. Are there any English language schools that specialize in speaking? I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I need some guidance. Thank you!
That is not a stupid question at all if you are not familiar with language schools. In fact, most commercial language schools that employ native English instructors teach almost exclusively speaking and listening, unless they specify otherwise, so an intensive program will give you plenty of opportunity to speak and listen to English. The two skills go closely together because they are the essence of conversation, and improvement in one improves the other.
Malta is a first choice for many students who wish to be in an English-speaking country. The weather is sunny most of the year round and there is much to see and do on this beautiful island!

If you are looking for an English language school that offers courses that focus on speaking you should try Elanguest in Malta. They offer intensive courses, which focus on speaking!

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At our school we teach with the Callan Method - classes are 90% speaking and listening; there is very little reading and writing. There are many other schools around the world which teach with this method and with other methids which concentrate on spoken English. I would also suggest you study, if possible, in an English-speaking country, thus maximising your opportunities to practice outside the classroom. Simon. Central School of English, Dublin, Ireland.
Try this website: www.tates.co.za

We offer Adventure English Courses which deal mainly with practicals. You could get a lot of practice and you would definitely improve on your speaking skills.