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Survey On The British And American School...

I''m aan seventeen year olde girl who does a project on the school system of England and America. Because of me living in Holland it is very hard to get many results. therefore...

IELTS Listening Sections 1 & 2 Video

I have just put up a new video with useful tips and strategies for success in the IELTS listening test sections 1 and 2. You can find it at [link] I hope you find it useful! Dr...

Please Give Solution

I am not good in sentence formation. How can I improve it? Is there any online course or videos Thank u

Choose Best English Teacher

I have just put up a video on how to choose the best ESL English teacher for you. You can find it at [link] . I hope you find it useful. Best wishes Dr Norman

Looking For English School Only?

hello! I'm jenny,I need your help? how can I register an English school here at dumaguete city?I really need learn and study school in English only? what school English u recommend...

Study English In What Place?

to emprove english what place is the best to study in?

Best Englisch Language Schools In London

I would like to know from your experience or if you have, links to reviews of the best English language schools in London, thanks.

How To Choose Best English Course

I have just put up a useful Youtube video on how to select the best English course for yourself. You can see it at https://youtu.be/1a0RwKempGE . Hope you find it useful! Best...

Us Her In Canada Too

us her in canada too loll

WARNING: Russian Kindergartens That DON...

Greetings everyone! I wanted to share some of my experience dealing with bi-lingual kindergartens in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Despite the economic crisis and hard times for Russia...

Such As In This Kind Of

How can all member listen to the king without loudspeaker such as in this kind of big auditorium ?

English Language Schools In Berlin?

I am debating between berlitz, inlingua, logo sprachschule, or Sprachwerk. I am hoping someone could tell me their experiences with any.

English Language Schools In Madrid

Do you know any good English language schools in Madrid, Spain?

English Language Schools In Spain

Which are the most reputable and popular englisch language schools in Spain?

Best Language School In Japan?

I'm conducting some research on language schools in Japan, and collecting feedback at the same time. Can anyone here give me their opinion on a good language school in Japan please...

English Language Schools In Prague

what are the top english language schools in prague? I am interested in private lessons (1-1), the cost doesnt matter I just want good reputation.

English Language Schools In Calgary

Hello, I have some information on GV Calgary and Omnicom Language School but does anyone recommend any other English Language schools in Calgary? Would like to look at some more...

San Francisco English Language School

I am looking for a english language school in san francisco where I will be for 2 months. I am looking for general English course.

English Language Schools In Cork

I have decided to go to an Englisch Language school in Ireland and finally decided on the final destination Cork. Could anyone comment on ACET school or Cork Language Institute...

Spoken English Practice Site

Has anyone taken spoken english lessons at spokenenglishpractice.com? I'm a intermidiate but want to improve the English speaking and my accent needs to go. I want to know whether...

Good School To Learn English In Barcelona...

Can someone tell me about a good English school in Barcelona (Spain)? I have heard about New Languages [link]/ but I'd like to know If it is good or if you have another else to...

English Language Schools In Canada

Could you help me find english language schools in canada? Nice areas with popular school pls.

English Language Schools Melbroune

Hello could you advise me good English language schools in Melbourne which I can have a look at please? Thank you.

English Language Schools Dublin

I'm going to stay there for 3 months and I'm intending to spend a few hours every weekday in a language school. I would like somewhere with a good atmosphere and I can learn with...

Business English Course In UK

Chance to enhance your English. United Kingdom uses English as the international language for business, science and technology. As you are exposed to English speaking British...
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