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Host Family English Teachers

Hello Can anyone recomend me host family English teachers in the UK? Does anyone have any experience with learning English with host families?

English Language School In Nigeria

Where can I locate English language school in Lagos State, Nigeria

English Language Schools In Florence

There are so many English language schools in Italy, so many schools in Florence, may you suggest me a good one for next summer ?

English Language Summer School

Hello I am looking for suggestions on english language summer schools or camps in Europe for a 15 year old, does anyone have any experience with these?

London Teacher Training Course Recognised...

Is the london teacher training course online recognised internationally

English For Portuguese Nurses

I am looking for a course to recommend to nurses I have recruited from Portugal who will take up jobs in the UK.

Any Good English School Franchise?

Hi, does anyone can give me any recomendation about how the market of language schools looks like now? I am from small town in Poland and there are no good schools in general...

Teachers To Give Skype Lessons To Bulgarian...

Hello! We are a new Bulgarian online school. I’m inviting qualified teachers to give Skype lessons to Bulgarian learners in all subjects. For all who want to enter the Bulgarian...

English Language School Specialising In...

I am hoping to improve my English in an English speaking country. My writing and reading are fine enough but I have BIG problems with speaking so I'm sure I need to be surrounded...

English Language School In Atlanta Or...

Hello. Looking for english language school in USA, either Atlanta or Miami. Does anyone have suggestions?

English Language Academy Auckland

can anyone please share their reviews about english language academy in auckland if you've studied in there, thanks you!!

Learning English In Malta

Hello, has anyone of you been to Malta to learn English and can suggest a good language school? I am a beginner. Thank you for your help Anja

Best Online English School

What is the best online english school in your opinion?

English Language School In Brighton

Hello people, I'm Jesse, from Switzerland, I thinking in taking a IELTS Preparation course in Brighton but i'm not sure witch school choose, there is Interactive and Castle, both...

Why Is Malta So Popular For English Schools...

I'm looking to send my children (18+) to study English abroad. I see a lot of talk about Malta being a good destination, but I know nothing about it. Why is it considered a good...

ESL Summer Class In Orange County, California...

Hi What would be a good English course for a 17 year old to take over the summer in Orange County, California area? Thanks

English Language Schools In Australia

Hello I am looking for english schools (not so expensive) in Australia thanks a lot

What Is A Boutique Language School?

Hello everyone, could someone explain to me what a "boutique" language school is? Thank you.

Global English Academy Review

Can anyone please share their opinions about the global english academy if you've had a chance to deal with them. Thanks.

English Language Academy Malta

Would you please recommend an English language academy in Malta?

English Language School In The Philippines

Hi! I'm Pauline from Philippines. I am looking for a English Language School in the Philippines..I want to know.

English Language Schools In Lybia

where is the schools in libya I want to know is there any school here in libya

Best English Language School In Germany...

Hello all, I am looking for an excellent English language school in Germany for young people. I would be happy if members replied that have been to the school to tell me why they...

English Language Schools In USA

Hello friends!! Im wanting to go to America for summer to Learn English. Is that hard to do, what visas do i need to get? I am a chinese citizen. thank you for your help

Resources For Teaching And Learning English

Can ESL/EFL teachers and learners on this site share their own list of resources (publications, websites, etc) for ESL/EFL teaching and learning pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary...
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