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Study English In Canada

What is the best place or school to study english in canada? Reviews appreciated thanks.

TEFL Schools In Paris?

Hi, I am looking for a School in Paris to do TEFL in Paris. There are a lot of links online... but which are the good proven schools? Please help me to find one...

English Language School In The USA?

First of all thanks for a great forum. I'm wondering where the best place to continue (advanced) studies of English would be in America? West coast or East coast as a general...

Expert In English

Hi Want to be expert in Engilsh ? The solution is VETA. Today Veta is the leader in spoken English training. With 250 centres in 140 cities and three countries - India,...

Best Grammar School In Birmingham?

hello my name is shamanda and i have a question , what is the best grammar school in birmingham

English Language School In Greece

Hello I am looking for a ESL School in Greece outside of Athens please.

English Language Schools: Activities Vs...

I want to travell to europe also to learn english at a school. But I am no good with books, what school does lots of activities with students too?

Good English School For Adults In Europe...

I'm looking for a good English language school, somewhere in mainland Europe, to send employees to, we don't want a class full of children or teenagers. The lesson structure is...

Best English Language School For Adults...

Can anyone recommend a good school for adults in Scotland?

English School Of English?

hai what good english schools are there in england for foreigners? that are not too costy but provide good learning service

English School Of Canada?

Hi has anyone studied in English schools of Canada? Pls share your experience I'm currently in need of choosing one. I have made a list and am looking for reviews.

School Of English?

I'm looking for an English school of English, business english is most important to me, it would be in Europe were would people suggest?

Englisch Language Schools In Germany

Hi I'm Antje from Germany and I would want to improve my english here in my country. Does anyone ever went to an english school here that will improve me to advanced level?

Exams At Beginner, Elementary And Intermediate...

Hi, I have a question regarding language schools. Are there any general standards in relation to exams at beginners, elementary and intermediate level ? If so who make these...

English School In Malta

Hello World I am Donald Brincat. I and my Daughter is running a English School in Malta and Gozo. We provide short english courses in different languages like Russian, Japnese...

How Many Computers Does Elanguest Have...

How many Computers does elanguest have in their school on Malta? Please, everyone who knows ore can help, send me a E-Mail to Email Removed Hello, my wife and I would like...

Language School In LA

Which language school in LA is the most recommended one, anyone know?

Business English Courses In Europe?

Which schools do you recommend in Europe that offer Business English as part of their program?

English Language School Catering For Different...

My friends and I are looking for an English school that offers courses from beginner to advanced. We're not all at the same level of English, so some will need a beginner's course...

Technical English Courses

Good afternoon! Would you please let me know if you know any good technical English courses to attend. I will be very grateful.

English Language Courses In Malta

Hello, I'm thinking of going to malta for a general english course with my girlfriend.. anybody know when the best wethar is in malta?

Medical English School

Does anybody know of an English language school that specialises in medical English?

School Of English?

With the amount of schools, which points help you decide which school to chose?

Learning English In UK

I was told it's great to learn English in UK. What school is known to be best over there? City doesn't matter. Please help.

English As A Second Language Courses?

Hi there friends! I've been considering an ESL course but can't make up my mind which one because the choice is so great! Can you please help? Choosing a course, what do you think...
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