Circle the correct answer.
The Tower of London (1) survived/has survived centuries of warfare but it could vanish from right in the twenty-first century, experts (2) warned/have warned yesterday. The ancient fortress, which (3) dominates/has dominated the city skyline for almost a thousand years, could be placed on a United Nations list of endangered landmarks because developers (4) put up/are putting up new buildings in the area and a number of high-rise buildings (5) ruin/are ruining views of the famous World Heritage site, according to the UN's cultural body UNESCO.
British officials have until the end of the month to show UNESCO that they can save the Tower. If not, the Tower could be put on UNESCO's World Heritage in Danger list. UNESCO inspectors (6) visited/ have visited London last year after they received a damning report that the City of London (7) doesn't appear/isn't appearing to do enough to protect the setting of some of Britain's important sites. Other buildings under threat (8) include/are including Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

SDS2KCircle the correct answer.

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