hello every body ..
im new friend .. if u accept me as friend ..
in fact im arabian girl .. and i have many friends from many diffirent places.. and we all want to learn more about english .. and we'd be so glad .. if you accepted us as friends and join with us.. at our chat room..

[chat:ESL, EFL Chat]

any way.. nice to see you and i'll be so glad if u visit our chat room..

we are so friendly..

see ya (f)
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I am Christina from China . I want to learn English , too. So glad to meet you. I will be very happy if you want to be my friend. Great wish for you !

hi Swati...

Myself Dhruv this side..!! I was looking for a some diffrent Chats other than Yahoo to do some worthful improvement for my English as Yahoo chats most of the times includes just crap Users over there..!! As soon as I clicked this EnglishForward.com site, I saw many many messages over there...and most of them were of Users of outside of India...and suddenly I saw yours Message. Swati, as I am a new user on this Education based site...i dont know very much about how to join your Chat Room and then to join you..so that both of us can commense a worthful conversation.

Please help me out and let me know if we can get connceted ans also tell me the way how to join ya Chat Room. I hope you will consider my request and will do all the needful procedure to help me out.


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wanna join with you

dear arab girl

from now on i know you as one of my friends

Hi to you Ketsara. My name is David Sunardi. We can have a conversation in English so that we can improve our English.
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Hi Ketsara, Lets talk English then. I can be your partner.

David Sunardi
Hi to Ketsara, We can have English conversation. My name is David Sunardi, from Indonesia. Nice to meet you
Hope the place is free like a free storage.
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Hi dear

I am raj and i am searching frnds for improving my english skill

Email Removed">

make a frnd
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