hello every body ..
im new friend .. if u accept me as friend ..
in fact im arabian girl .. and i have many friends from many diffirent places.. and we all want to learn more about english .. and we'd be so glad .. if you accepted us as friends and join with us.. at our chat room..

[chat:ESL, EFL Chat]

any way.. nice to see you and i'll be so glad if u visit our chat room..

we are so friendly..

see ya (f)
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Hello friends i also want to join your friends club
hello swati how r u. I want to be your friend. It would really be very nice to be your friend.

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ye...ye..! i wanna learn english as very prominantly n very fluently spoken english...plz teach me..!
hi dude I'm 27 male and from persin and I'm trying to learn english too and nice to meet you
hi, I wanna be you friend please join me.
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Hi every one. new here. Emotion: smile

I'm a filipino, just want to enhance my english writing skills along with my communication skills.

Its nice to be here Emotion: big smile
Hey arabian girl... and all.... am new to this site .i loved it so much when i checked some posts .
I can help .. i am a student in Faculty of Education and my major is Teaching English ..
see you around all
hi christina

i an ealy from azerbaijan . iwant to learn english too . are you want to be frend with me?
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Hi I'm Amin. How do you do?
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