hello every body ..
im new friend .. if u accept me as friend ..
in fact im arabian girl .. and i have many friends from many diffirent places.. and we all want to learn more about english .. and we'd be so glad .. if you accepted us as friends and join with us.. at our chat room..

[chat:ESL, EFL Chat]

any way.. nice to see you and i'll be so glad if u visit our chat room..

we are so friendly..

see ya (f)
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Hi Are you ready to chat?
Hi Where is Thai Is really Thailand?
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hi Swathi, i am lalitha , i too intnsted to improve my spoken englsh, if u intrested please give me message
hi swati vicky from india
I have used this chat site and it is quite good but if you would like to talk to english speakers using a headset try this site:
They have weekly meetings for user to chat to english speakers and a useful forum.
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Hi Ket

i am Sohail from Pakistan and I am week in english and I want improve my english so I am searchin the online friends whom I will be do writting and voice chat

i need develop my english laanguage too

we can talk?
OK!Well what is your name?Mine is Inuyasha
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Hi guys, I'm Claudio and I'm italian boy and I'm 24. I would like to learn English and I hope in your help.
There are errors in my sentences. Help me
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