hello every body ..
im new friend .. if u accept me as friend ..
in fact im arabian girl .. and i have many friends from many diffirent places.. and we all want to learn more about english .. and we'd be so glad .. if you accepted us as friends and join with us.. at our chat room..

[chat:ESL, EFL Chat]

any way.. nice to see you and i'll be so glad if u visit our chat room..

we are so friendly..

see ya (f)
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hello, i come from china .im a boy.i want to be chat room's member... and i also want to make many friends. we can study english get togeter. if i

has some mistakes, please correct me. Thanks
How can i improve my English communication skills? Pls Help. ...
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Hello! everybody

i am Thai girl ( Land of smile ) my name Ketsara you can call me Ket ,

i want to have many friends to enjoin learn and improve about english

.......nice to see you....
HiHi.....my name is nasser i want to be your friend[8]
hello guys ,nice to meet u here ,I'm from Mainland China,I want to make friends and improve my English.

I think the most difficult thing in studying English is poken English.

Maybe we can contact with each online and have a talk through the internet.

Best wishes.
hi.... u can improve ur english only by listening readin and talking.. so try to do all these things
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n!cE topic ..

i wanna improve my languge tOo..
Hello to you too. I saw your messae only a while ago and i"m interested in learning more about you and your culture. This will be a good way to practice our conversational skills as well. Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Christina , i am sheraz from pakistan, wanna to be your friend . plz send me your detail means about you work,study, habby , likes , deslikes,
i am very glad to see your contact

I am Christina from China . I want to learn English , too. So glad to meet you. I will be very happy if you want to be my friend. Great wish for you !


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Hello, i 'm jessica from china, i'm a girl who wanna to learn engling too. Do you want to learn chinese? HAHA
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