hello every body ..
im new friend .. if u accept me as friend ..
in fact im arabian girl .. and i have many friends from many diffirent places.. and we all want to learn more about english .. and we'd be so glad .. if you accepted us as friends and join with us.. at our chat room..

[chat:ESL, EFL Chat]

any way.. nice to see you and i'll be so glad if u visit our chat room..

we are so friendly..

see ya (f)
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Hi Swati,

This is Mayank. I want to improve my english too. I am chatting on yahoo massanger with friends to improve my english. If you have yahoo massanger we can chat and try to improve our english. (the MSN address is deleted by mod).

best wishes,
hello there Christina, maybe you can contact me?
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hi dear ket
how do u do?
i wish u are well and have a good time.
yes as u said before i am trying to improve my language skills.
we can talk and help togather anytime u want.
best regards
hello arabian girl ,I wanna to be your friend ,you can join my msn: <removed by a mod. Please add it to your profile.>
I'm a chinese ,24 years old,
Hi This is Saroj,
I would like to improve my english.
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Hi, can we have a voice chat to improve our English? I have been searching for a friend like you to improve my English.
My name is Stas, good day to all. My homeland is Russia.

I would like to chat with someone, i have icq and msn.
my icq is : <removed>
my msn is: <removed by mod. If you want to get in contact with other members, please register and add your contact info to your profile.>
hi sweaty, and i'm agirle from saudi arabia looking for englis learning rooms
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hi stas im alireza

how are you

i want tochat with someone to progress my english either

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