Hello everybody , i have a letter to do for my exam tomorow , " how to apply for a job ".
so it would be great if you can correct it .
Here is the letter :

Dear sir/ Madam,

I would like to introduce my canditature for the job of part-times butcher in the butcher’s shop of aldi.

Last year I worked with my neighbour who is a butcher ,and he explained me how to deal with customers , so I have a small qualification , and I have always been interested by this job.
This is the major reason why I would like to work in a butcher’s shop.Apart from the main interest , I would also like to get introduced in the work life .Secondly , i can speak english , and therefore it can be very useful , if we had to deal with foreigner peoples.In the case of spending few month with your companies it would be possible for me to deepen my knowledge .

It would be a great pleasure to work for you , so I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the job vacancy.
I can be contacted by mobile phone.
Sorry Asrock, you are on your own. If we helped you write an exam piece, we are helping you cheat, and we don't do that.

Good luck with your exam and come back to practise your English when it is not part of a test!
Good answer NONA THE BRIT I like it !