Hello. Does anybody know the difference between Literature with a capital L and literature with a lower case L? Thank you for your time.
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Have you read the literature about that new iPod?

I am enthralled by the study of Literature as an indicator of culture.

To me, literature with a lower case l indicates a generality - it can be books and writings on a particular subject or leaflets and other material used to give information or advice. Literature with a capital L indicates that it is those works [generally poetry, dramatic writings, novels] with are judged to have aesthetic importance.
Well, that really depends on your definition of literature and what exact end you are trying to achieve because many different parts of literature (the novel, short story, drama, poetry, etc.) all started in dramatically different places. There is also a distinction between literature (little L) and Literature (big L) whereas one (the one you asked about, the little L) refers to anything written and 'Literature' (big L) is defined as anything with extreme intellectual merit and calibre.
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Literature with big L is about litearature devices.
Literature with small l is about language development.
These have something to do with teaching literature in school.

none of you helped