Within my MSc Project I am doing a research on the need of medical professionals to be highly competent in English (especially Medical English). For this purpose I would like you to help me get an insight into EMP courses organised abroad (I come from Croatia) to see how programmes are designed and what is it that medical doctors need to master in the first place.

I already administered questionnaires to see what MDs in my town Split, Croatia think about that, now I am interested in an international experience.

The other day I made an inquiry about the medical journals published in English. The British Library web site was useful, I downloaded all the journals, and selected the medical ones. I haven't counted them all yet, but there will be more than 1000 of them.

Thank you in advance, jaro
Do you mean courses organised in non-English speaking countries, jaro?
Well, actually, it does not matter. I am interested in EMP curriculum development so that all the information based on experience would be welcome.

The one that I found on the World Wide Web is Elanguest in Malta that headed the development of the EMP online course. jaro
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English is an official language in Malta. Course on Medical English is taught at Elanguest as well as on line courses .
http://www.elanguest.com /
Ssearch for "medical English" gave 484,000 hits. There are on-line courses, and those run by schools and colleges, such as David's. Have you looked at http://www.englishmed.com/ It is linked to this forum.
You might also find it useful to access some of the doctors' forums - here are a few with threads about PLAB
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Hello Jaro,
I don't know if you are still looking for information on this topic but the Vancouver Medical English Institute has a detailed curriculum on its website which may be of some help to you.
Alan Vichert
For health professionals who want to work in an English speaking country you may be interested to know about the UBELT exam which tests the competency of doctors dentists pharmacists etc..
You are welcome to visit my website wich gives an idea of what could be included in a weekend programme. This would be adapted to suit the needs of the medical professionals.
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