I found some sentences spoken by Native Speakers on the net. Some of them are tough for me. Please help me MM,

01. [If it's any consolation ], Mom yells the most at the students she thinks are the best.
02. I guess I'm grinning because James didn't [holler] very much for a change.
03. Bond is a real [slave driver].
04. You could if you [put] your mind to it.
05. Hoping she didn't sound too breathless.
06. But I haven't been very [up front] about - somebody else.
07. You'd think I was planning to [pull an all-nighter] or something.
08. This girl definitely has [taste].
09. I thought may be you had an [ulterior motive].
10. So you saw through my [diabolical plot] uh?
11. Hugh let out a [whoop] of laughter.
12. I wish you two wouldn't [holler] at me like that. It's awfully embarssing when I'm with the guy.


Hi Paddy,

1. If it makes you feel better about the situation
2. shout, call out, complain loudly
3. [url="http://www.onelook.com/?w=slave+driver&ls=a "]OneLook[/url]
4. put your mind to = concentrate on, make an effort to
5. breathless = out of breath = excited, exhausted, anticipatory
6. honest, candid
7. stay up all night
8. a good sense of fashion, style, beauty, or appropriateness
9. another, unstated, reason
10. evil plan (used jocularly nowadays)
11. holler
12. as (2) and (11)
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More, MM.

01. Have you got your hooks into John Powell yet?
02. You're really starting to show a lot of poise.
03. I didn't damage anything vital, but I feel kind of achy.
04. Will you please stop channel-hopping.
05. I bet she is planning on making a big play for him tonight at Cathy Davidson's very exclusive party.
06. I was feeling kind of lonely and mixed up.
07. You are still moping about Hugh, are you?
08. Are you two up to joining me?
09. I can't believe she actually got him up on his feet.
10. I told you, I was a rotten dancer.
11. Shona raced to kitchen on tiptoe.
12. I am just beggining to recuperate from an overdose of it.
13. Oh please, you're going to give me a swelled head.
14. Spare me the details please.
15. Mark was definitely up to no good.
16. You actually laid bets on whether or not college would go out with Gary?
17. Mark said you could get me in shape for the prom.
18. I am going to drag you into my family squabbles.
19. You are in for the surprise of your life.
20. I can tell you've a lot of experience bossing guys around.
21. To tell you truth, this wasn't my first brush with the law.
22. Gary is prime-time in love with her.
23. I coudn't hold it in any longer.
24. he's probably just bashful.
Hi Paddy,

I'm not much for long lists-- I like to move in quick, make the kill, and skedaddle. Time to wean you; here's a start:

4. [url="http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=channel%20hopping "]CHANNEL-HOPPING[/url]

10. [url="http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=rotten "]ROTTEN #5[/url]

20. [url="http://www.rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Word=boss_around "]BOSS AROUND[/url]

I usually use [url=" ?"]GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH[/url] and [url="http://www.onelook.com /"]ONELOOK DICTIONARY[/url]. Let me know when you have done all you can.
Thanks MM. I will use those tips and get back to you if I don't get something.

Please also have a look on my first poetry in the poetry section.
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