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i have to make an english presentation for school and so i want to ask you whether i have any mistakes in my text.

If you find mistakes, please tell me the line and correct it.

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here is the text:

New York

1.My Prasentation is about New York. New York is a city in the US federal state 2.New York in the USA. The city is with 8.108.040 inhabitents of 800,31 square 3.kilometers the biggest city of the country. In order to differentiate New York from 4.the state, New York often calls New York city.The nickname of the city is Big 5.Apple. Today the city covered beside Manhattan, the boroughs Bronx, Brooklyn, 6.Queens and Staten Island. The City has a lot of sights, 500 galeries, 150 7.museums, more than 100 theatres and more than 17.000 restaurants.


8.New York is on the eastcoast of the USA 6 meters over the sea level. The city 9.center is on the island Manhattan. From the river shore the city buildings grab to 10.other large cities and reach long into the city. It closes the communities bronx, 11.brooklyn, queens, staten island and manhatten to the city New York together. 12.The place arround the city is a part of the continent plate.

City arrangment

13.The city is devided in five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx) 14.from those everyone a circle of the state New York corresponds. Every borough has an own 15.borough president.

16.Manhattan:(New York County) has 1.564.789 inhabitens and an land surface of 17.59,5 square kilometres. The community exist out of the island “Manhattan island” 18.which is surround from the hudson river in the west the east river in the east and 19.the harlem river in the northeast and other little islands such as Roosevelt Island, 20.Belmont Island and a little bit of the mainland Marble Hill. Marble Hill was to the 21.building of the Harlem ship channel a part of Manhattan Island.

22.BrooklynEmotion: sadKings County) has 2.472.523 inhabitens and has with it the most 23.inhabitenst of New York. Brooklyn is on the southeast of the city and has a 24.expanse of 182 sqaure kilometres. Since 1898 Brooklyn is a part of New York. 25.Brooklyn got his name through the netherlandish city Breukelen.

26.QueensEmotion: sadQueens County) has 2.225.486 inhabitents and a area of 282,9 square 27.kilometres so it is the biggest borough of the five boroughs of new york. Queens 28.is in the west of the Island Long Island. The community was found in the first 29.november 1683 when New york was divided up in boroughs. There are also two 30.of the biggest airports of New York : the John F. Kennedy airport and the La 31.Guardia Airport.

32.The Bronx: (Bronx County) has 1.363.198 inhabitents and a expansion of 108,9 33.square kilometres. She is the northest of the five boroughs. She was called after 34.Jonas Broncks, an emigrate and first settler in this area. This city is the only 35.quarter which is on the mainland.

36.Staten IslandEmotion: sadRichmond County) has 459.737 inhabitents and a land suface of 37.151,5 square kilometres. Staten Island is in the south west of the island 38.Manhattan and in the west of Brooklyn. She is obliged with brookyln through the 39.toll bridgeVerrazone Narrows. In the north and the west the island is separated 40.of the federal state New Jersey through the small Arthur Kill and the Kill van Kull. 41.The highest point of the island, the Todt Hill, is also the highest point of New York 42.City.

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1) What are all the numbers throughout the text? It makes it difficult to read through it all.

2) Check your spellings; lots of errors.

3) Areas are 'it' not 'she.'
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there are spelling mistakes: presentation,geography,divided.....
Why don't you try the MS Word spell check and grammar check? That should help.

Oh, and it's "inhabitAnts"