Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by my question (in advance).

I'm preparing for an english exam and I've just stumbled upon this sentence which confused me quite a bit.

The sentence goes like this: "That's the hotel (blank space) we stayed in last summer".

Now, I'm between the options "where" which would come naturally to me and the second option "in which", which I know is correct and pretty much usable, although more formal-sounding, but I'm just not sure whether or not it clashes with the second "in" of the sentence. I mean, would it make sense to have a sentence like this? "That's the hotel in which we stayed in last summer."I would see the second "in" as redundant. Hope I made myself clear with what I'm asking. English is not my mother tongue and I'm having some difficulties with it, especially with language nuances and subtle differences Emotion: smile


Here are your choices (provided you're allowed to leave the blank space blank):

That's the hotel we stayed in last summer.
That's the hotel that we stayed in last summer.
That's the hotel which we stayed in last summer.

Correct, but not possible under the conditions specified by the question:

That's the hotel where we stayed last summer.
That's the hotel in which we stayed last summer.



Thank you very much. In fact, the other two options were "which" and "there". Inexplicably (maybe instinctively) I had ruled out the possibility to be "which" the correct structure and I was leaning towards "where". Evidently, I would have been wrong.

Thank you again for your answer and for the others examples.