In question tags, why we use as "Aren't I?" why won't we use "Amn't I?"
suresh goud In question tags, why we use as "Aren't I?" why won't we use "Amn't I?"

It's a tradition, a convention that we all agree to use.

We also use a lot of other combinations that don't make sense and are just used by convention. For example, "are" is supposed to be plural, but we say "you are" even when speaking to one person. For another example, we have "do" and "don't", but we don't have "will" and "willn't". We use "will" and "won't" instead. (I notice that you used "won't" in your question, and that didn't seem to bother you. Emotion: smile )

Language doesn't work like mathematics. That means you can't always work out the right words to use by doing some kind of logical computation. There are always irregularities that must be learned.


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I suppose this is because "amn't I" is hard to pronounce.

There are many, many regional variants of the contraction, some still to be heard (amn't among them) but most obsolete. There are also many obsolete standard forms. There were








and scores more. We seem to have settled on "aren't". I don't like it, but the King didn't ask me for my opinion before he made it His English. I would have picked "ain't", if only to get my fourth-grade teacher's goat.