Hello World

I am Donald Brincat. I and my Daughter is running a English School in Malta and Gozo. We provide short english courses in different languages like Russian, Japnese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French. We are running three English school -The flag ship adult school on Gozo, the seasonal teenage school in Mellieha on Malta and the youngest addition to the group, the adults school in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta.

Malta is a cool place where people used to some to spend there summer holidays.
Many people do prefer to study in calm and cool place and Malta is the best place for such enviornment.

Please do visit us if you choose Malta to spend your summer holidays.
Hi Donald

Is there any website for your school??
English stands as the new age language, which is not just widely spoken or understood but is also regarded as one of the tools in structuring your professional career. In fact, modern English is described as the first global lingua franca and in such a state Malta indeed stands as the new age language holiday destination. Study English Malta to have a global view of knowledge.
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Hi Hanna

Yes mine website URL is www.belsmalta.com.
Hello Donald,

first of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Robin Hensgens and I live in the . I'm 17 years old and I want to become an English teacher. We need to post a contribution of about 300 words to a random forum, and even better is it when there are also some reactions on our post. I have a couple of subjects that I want to talk to you about; namely your school and about itself.

My opinion is that it is a really good idea to start a school in Malta and Gozo (is this an Island near ? I ask this because I’ve never heard of it). I think that starting up schools will help to make the world a smarter place. When people become smarter, more money can be earned and the economy will start to take benefits from this. And so the world will become more wealthier. But I do have one question for you. Why did you started a school in Malta, and not in any country in ? Because in my opinion help is needed more in Africa than in . Or is Malta comparable to ? I hope that you can react on this.

The second subject that I want to talk to you about is itself. I’ve never been to Malta, but I have been in . What I hear very often is that Turkey looks a lot like . How do you think about this? The weather in is also very nice, so I think that you like it being there. I personally also like the sun, but every February I go to for a ski vacation. What do you think of snow and freezing temperatures?

I hope that you want to react to my contribution, so I can show it to my teacher.


Robin Hensgens

Hi Robin

BELS is a group of English language schools that was established in 1997. The group is made up of three English language schools. The flag ship adult school on Gozo, the seasonal teenage school in Mellieha on Malta and the youngest addition to the group, the adults school in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta.

Gozo is just 5km away fom main island Malta. Just a 25 minutes journey by ferry from Malta. Gozo has a high concentration of Churches. You can see the Gozo location on the map at my website- <the URL can be found in the user's profile>.

Malta is a beautiful place and people do visit here to spend there vacations. People from Japan, Spain, Russia used to visit my school and they are more interested in short term english course that BELS Malta offer. In this way they enjoy there vacations as well as learn english.

Regarding the Malta, its wonderful place and people loves to come here again and again.
Its a peaceful island. Main attraction is the island's annual jazz festival. This can be enjoyed in 3rd weekend of July. walking along palm tree lined roads with cool refreshing sea beaches makes your holiday awesome. Great water sports are also present to make your visit adventurous.

Please do let me know if you are planning to visit Malta. Because we are offering some special discounts - Book a two week group course for two people with accommodation in our country side school residence and pay only for one.

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Hi Donald, I'm Federica and I'd like to go to Malta, in July, with my friend to do an english intensive course (I believe for both, despite we have different levels: my friend speaks english better than me ;-) She's very good.

We are 33 and 39 years old. What kind of place - Gozo or Malta - do you suggest?

Do you know someone who can offer us a place to sleep for one week? Or 10 days, please? We have no problems, but we like very clean places... and not for smokers !!

I attend your news and I thank you,

Hi there Frederica, after having a look at Donald's school, have a look at ours too Emotion: smile We run a small to medium sized school in the town of St julians - probably the most international of all the towns in Malta. you can have a look at our website on our profile, or use this link- Language school in Malta

We've been teaching here for over 20 years, and we try to provide a comfortable, friendly environment, we hire the best teachers around and we pay close attention to our courses and our students. If you need any information, just send us a message and we'll be happy to help!