1)Can different expressions have the same referent? Give an example not found in this unit.

2)Can the same expression have different referents? Give an example not found in this unit.

3)Give an example of an expression not found in this unit that has an invariable referent and of one that has no referent.

4)Explain this sentence from this unit in your own words: ‘Every expression that has meaning has sense, but not every expression has reference’.

5)Characterize a typical dictionary definition of a word .Does the definition include everything a typical native speaker knows about the word’s meaning? Is it possible to write such an entry which is complete? Comment on the following examples, making reference to concepts introduced in this unit.

the Evening Star / the Morning Star

8the President of the / the Commander-in-Chief/ the Leader of the Republican Party

9Visiting relatives can be boring

10the planet Mars

11Smoking grass can be dangerous

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In English culture, it's customary to say 'please' when you ask someone to help you. Is 'please' not customary in your language and culture? Emotion: smile

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pls help me answer question no 3

explain it for me, i dont understand it please.

Reference and sense

  1. yes, different expression can have the same referent for example: equipment- tools, kid-child.

3.yes, same expression can have different referents. Example: button, fan.


  1. not every word refers to things in the real word


7.They are examples of two expressions that have the same referent, because both refer to planet Venus.

8.They are examples of three expressions that have a different referent according to circumstances and the topic of the conversation (variable reference)

  1. Constant reference.