English sentence uses all the letters of the alphabet

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here is an English sentence has all the letters from a-z

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog .

that has been used to test typewriters and computer keypoards 'coz it's nicely coherent and short
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1 comment The senetence you showed doesnt have all the letters of the alphabet or the letters a-z because it does not have the letter "k" that's all
quick k ?
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Last time I checked the word "quick" has the letter K in it....Emotion: hmm
The sentence is fairly short, but notice it contains the word "the" twice. Even shorter would be:
The quick brown fox jumps over lazy dogs.
Ahhh yes it does there's a k in quick
still e is repeting in 'the' and 'over'
It has the letter "k"...quick won't be quick without the letter K
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That's because this sentence doesn't have restrictions on how many times a letter can be used. "A quick brown fox..." is a pangram because it uses all 26 letters, and a minimal pangram is uses each letter only once. Example of minimal pangram:

Veldt jynx grimps waqf zho buck.

The situation is when a wryneck woodpecker from the grasslands of Africa climbed up the side of a male bovid, which is grazing on sacred Muslim-owned land.
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