4 European languages containing more than a hundred sentences, will help you communicate better especially using basic sentences/ phrases. the page is :


I hope it will help you a little!
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Thank you Linguanaut... Are you going to add more?

¡Me Gusta! I have always wanted to learn Spanish. That's the beginning!

Thank you, Linguanaut!
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Ruslana, this site offers a Forum to learn Spanish as well, did you know it? Perhaps you can start here. Emotion: smile

I'm glad you guys liked it, I will try to add some more sentences and more languages soon, I'm working on it everyday, wish me luck! take care guys!
Yes, YoHf, I have seen and visited the link for learning Spanish. But I have not started it yet because I still want to improve my English a little (a lot). If I don't know English well enough, I'm not able to learn Spanish by means of English there. I mean it would be rather difficult. I like the site Linguanaut gave because there are many simple phrases which I can use right now for my pleasure.
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Thank you for the link, Linguanaut!


- Joy Emotion: star
You're welcome, I just added two more languages thanks to the help of some volunteers, you will see more soon!
hey buddy

I wanna tel you a fact tht we people really discuss les than whr cld v have drived this discussion of ours thts really bad ...............lets addd each of our knowledge to it so that each of us is added in a way or other .Hope all will cooperate


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