Hey, I just have some preliminary questions.

Can one say:

"Do you really want to live in this obscure anachronism of the second amendment stating that it’s a fundamental individual right to own a gun? We think that we should shatter this ambiguous right and create a new right: That all should live a peaceful life. No more violence. No more crime. Just peace."

- Is it correct to say "live in this obscure anachronism" or is it called "live by this" or what?

Thanks in advance,

We live in a period of time. An anachronism is not a period of time, but rather some quality or characteristic of that period which is fundamentally out of sync with the rest of it. So I don't think "We are living in an anachronism" works.

- A.
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Thanks. But what would be the right thing to say?
Sorry, you beat me!

". . . live by/with/under this anachronism," as we would say "live by/with/under this law."