Imagine you are college union president.On the occasion of your college day you are given responsibility of presting the welcome adress.The chief guest Dr.sagar diwakar
education:CA 2008 20th rank,IAS 2010,34th rank
present post:commisioner,Zilla panchayat,uttar karnataka.
based on this information write a speech writing about 100 words to introduce the guest at the function
You try, and then we'll check your work. OK?
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plz send the answer
anonymous plz send the answer

We don't send answers. You send us the answer, and we check it and comment on it.


good morning to our respected principal,teacher, and dear friend. I am ananya the college union president Who is honered to take this goleden opportunity to introduce you to today’s chief guest ,Dr.sagar Diwakar who has spent his entire life dedicating for the cause of education.Dr.sagar Diwakar was born in Karnataka.He has done CA in 2008 secured with 20th rank and IAS in 2010 secured with 34th rank .which shows that he is so determined about his life Nd education . He is presently working as an commissioner,Zilla panchayat in Uttar Karnataka .I am indeed glad to welcome such respected and dedicated persons to our college day celebration.

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Did it take you four years to develop an answer?
Well, as the saying goes, better late than never!

Your text is full of spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors.

Also, the audience would consist of more than three people, don't you think?
Is Dr. Diwaker more than one person?

Please review your text carefully, and fix the obvious typographical errors. Then we can work on the grammar, which also has issues.

Thank you for this answer i want more answer give me plz

Imagine you are the college union President on the occasion of college day
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anonymous Imagine you are the college union President on the occasion of college day

OK. I'll put it on my to-do list for later today.