Hello people, was a little bored and found this forum.

I like to banter with all sorts of folk, I feel I have a very universal empathy.

I like to go places when I can and consider everything an adventure!

This summers not worked out too exciting for me though, but its still pleasant in good old green england!

Happy to assist anyone with their language skills, particularly keen on meeting scandinavians though as id like to go there soon!

I chose my username at random, but just found this pic which goes rather well!

Hi, Bmxbandit!

Welcome to the forum.

It's a pity this summer didn't work out very exciting for you. What should have happened so you called it exciting? Emotion: smile

What does BMX of your nickname mean? If I may ask. Emotion: wink
Hi, Bmxbandit!

how are you ?

where are you come from ?

I come from China..
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i think he is form indian or pakistan !

My parents are from Bangladesh,

But I have lived in England for my whole life.

Im well versed in many aspects of colloqial english and local/cultural dialects.
Hey BMX bandit,

i'm a girl from holland, so i'm not a scandinavian unfortunately:P

but if ya wanna talk you could give me your msn, do you have msn?
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You definitely look Indian -- I like your looks!
As for the BMX part, I would say that it stands for one of the most prominent bicycle companies on Earth.
Frankly, that explains the bicycle in that picture.
Thankyou for the comment & compliment! , but I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say?

"the most prominent bicycle companies on Earth."

I am confused about what you mean?
That BMX is a very successful and famous company in the 21th centuary. Emotion: smile
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