My name is Alena. And i would like you to know that I am trying to organize a english speaking social club. so if you want you are welcome to join.
it will be held once a week, probably on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Somewhere around 15:00 GMT.

I am not a teacher, though i tutored few pre-intermediate and intermediate english learners some time ago.

If you are willing to join you can inform me about it via Skype (My skype id is <removed by mod. That should be in your profile only>) and later we can disscuss the possible date and time. Or you can post here information about you (Like name, country, english level, skype id).

And if you don't want to join, please, ask around, maybe someone will want to join.
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Hi, Alena. My name is ehsan and I like to joint your club and improve my english.
my skype name is <removed by mod. Please add it to your profile only>. we can discuss about the day and the time.
the best,
Hello, I looked for you by skype but there are many with your name, let me know if you are still working in organiza a english speaking social club Emotion: wink
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Hi, Alena) I learn English) I need talking practice) My e-mail Email Removed. Please, add me in the SkypeEmotion: embarrassed
Hi Alena,
I'd like to improve my English skills, especially to learn talking more fluently. Let me know please if you have installed the announced club, what it costs and what are the requirements.
Thanks a lot.
Ta-ta for now.
I would like to join your club. My skype Contact information goes only in your personal profile once you have registered. Thanks.
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hi this is khan i want to join you to improve my English
Hello. My name is mukhlis rambe. I'm From Indonesia.
I am looking for partner to improve my speaking skill. please add my skype id removed by mod. That should be in your profile only

Thank You
Hello! My name is Galina. I'd like to join us. It would be great to improve English together. My language level is pre-intermediate. I hope to see you soon!
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