I have to write an essay for school about English tea. Does anyone know why English tea is popular and if it is still popular (why?)
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But isn't 'English' tea imported? I didn't think they actually grew tea in England? I know the English are famous for drinking it.
Do you mean the meal, "tea", or the drink?

An English kid might say, "I had cheese toast for tea yesterday."

This would make no sense at all to a yank. Emotion: surpriseþ
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Native Brit says:

Ha ha yes, it causes confusion. My partner is African, lived here for 7 years, and still hasn't managed to figure out when we are talking about tea the drink, tea as in 'afternoon tea' or tea the evening meal. Poor chap always ends up with something he doesn't want or missing out on something he does! Oh yes, and we have 'cream teas' as well.

We Brits think that no other country in the world can make tea (the drink) properly. And I have to say that whenever I have been abroad the tea is disgusting because no one else makes it with boiling water.

My father is incredibly fussy about his tea as his first job was brewing tea for the blenders at a tea company. His rules are

Use a teapot and loose tea
Always warm the pot
The water must be absolutely boiling and if it is allowed to wait even five seconds it is too late. And in that case you cannot just re-boil the same water - you must start all over again with fresh cold water.
Brew for 5 minutes.
Pour and then add the milk, do not pour the milk first.

Making tea for him is a nightmare!
I am not a tea expert but I do know what I like. I always use boiling water, it gives the best effects from the tea. But I really like to drink Earl Grey tea but it has to be from Twinning. Then once it sits or steeps, I add the milk and sugar.
Thinking to Try Lemon tea?
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What is Lemon Tea Honey? LOL
I did tell you months ago.
Boil water and then add sugar and Tea leaves, and sueeze lemon juice (as per your taste).
Do not make it hard by adding too much tea leaves.
well "guess"
i think you should write about "where the tea actually came from?"
cause from what i heard, tea not came from England but some where in Asia.
But then the trader brough it to England and came to be a habbit in English society.
"drinking tea in the afternoon with a piece of cake or biscuit."
They're the one who then make tea famous, cause people only know that English people
who brough it, the said English tea.yada yada yada. (hope it's right) Emotion: stick out tongue
you can find other by yourself anyway.

for myself, i like ice tea with 2 teaspons of sugar with jasmine or lemon or orange favor
hmmmmmm, niceEmotion: stick out tongue
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