Native English Instructor

Position Description

Cheiron is looking for Native English instructors to teach English in Guangzhou, China. If you are looking to begin a rewarding career in ESL training, or would like to experience China and are looking for an interesting job, please read the information below and apply using the form at <link removed, you may add it to your profile only>

Job Summary

Total working hours/week: 40
Teaching hours: no more than 18
Non-teaching tasks:
- Attend teacher training sessions
- Prepare for class
- Grade computer exercises
- Help Cheiron staff design courses

Teaching Details
- What you will teach: Courses designed by ESL experts from the University of Minnesota and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Lesson plans provided.
- Where you will teach: Major universities and corporate offices in Guangzhou City.
- Who you will teach: Advanced learners (college graduates and professionals)
- How you will teach: You are expected to closely follow the objectives and guidelines in the lesson plans. You will coach and train students using multimedia aids and PowerPoint presentations.
- Who you will be working with: You will be a member of a highly professional, energetic, and ambitious team of Chinese and Western teachers, course designers, and management staff.

Wages / Benefits

Starting salary: 7,000 RMB
Plane ticket (reimbursed on completion of 1 year contract)
Paid holidays:
- National Holiday: October 1st (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
- Christmas: (3 days)
- New Years Day: (2 days)
- Chinese New Year: (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
- May Day Holiday: May 1st (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
Chinese instruction: 4 hours / week (optional)
Furnished accommodations: You are required to pay utilities and management fee

Company address: [Removed by a moderator.No personal contact please. Add it to your profile only.]
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Hello My name is Timothy Anoussis writing from Canada. I am interested in teaching English in Guangzhou.
I have a high school diploma and some college credits however no diploma. I speak fluent English, French, and Greek. Please contact me if you have a teaching position for me. You Can Email me.

My name is Amahl and I am interested in your teaching English in Guangzhou program. I will be graduating from the University of New Hampshire this May with a double-major BA in English and Political Science. I also work at a writing center at the University where I help students better their writing. I am comfortable working with ESL students, as we have many who come in for instruction at the writing center.

I currently have family living in Guangzhou (Golf Garden) so I am interestsed in programs near that area, and if necessary I am sure I could provide my own room and board as I could most likely stay with them. Please let me know what you have available- I am interested in working either this coming fall (september 2006) or next spring (january 2007). Thanks,

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my name is Richard and of 23 years of age from GHANA . I am very fluent in English .Am applying to be employed as an English teacher in your esteem institution. I saw your advertisement on the internet and i decided to chase it immediately. Ever since my stay in the college , my dreams had always been teaching ....... and i want it to be real . I hope my humble application will be favoured .

Yours sincerely

I am interested in pursuing the opportunity as english instructor. I have taught english on the mainland on three different occasions in Chengdu (2003), Kunming, and most recently (2006) in Hong Kong each for the duration of one month. In addition, I am currently studying Zhong Yi, Chinese medicine, and have been practicing for the past ten years. I have a modest familiarity with Chinese language but am not quite fluent. I will forward a resume and cover letter to your attention and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joseph LaVine, New York, U.S.A.
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I am interested in the position also in Guangzhou or any in GuangDong providence. I will have an TEFL certificate in two weeks. Please contact me at(personal contact removed by a moderator. Please register and include it in your profile.) . Thanks!
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hello,my name is vera,in guangzhou .i need a part-time English teaching for the kindergarten,my QQ: <removed by mod. Vera, if you wish to be contacted by other members, please register and add your contact details to your profile only.>
Hello.I am interested in your teaching english program. I have an experience teach english. Thank you
You can contact me through my e-mail.
Dear Sir / Madam,

Good morning. I am an English teacher for five years now. I can teach any age group and am astute upstaires and I am fun to be with. I am non-native but I’ve gotten a North American / British accent plus a BA in English language . I am in Guangzhou. I won’t led you down. Keep in touch IF interested for further details.


Mr Divine Sangbong
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